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The Bowell Family History
The Bowell name is originally of French descent, though most of the Bowells came to America by way of England. Therefore, the Bowell name has both French and English origins.

Some members of the family ended up in the Highlands of Scotland, though they were known as the Boswell clan. Other variations of the name include Boswall, Boswald, Bosswald, Boseville, Boeseille, Bosvile, Bovill and Bowelle.

The first Bowell's came to North America in the mid-1700's, though many had the Boswell variation of the name.

The Family Crest is pictured at left. The phrase "Vraye Foi" means "Have Faith". The crest is silver and black with 3 silver cinquefoils (a five-leafed plant in the rose family).

There is often confusion as to how to pronounce the name. Because of the similar spelling, it is often pronounced like "Powell", but its French roots make things a bit more complicated. As a result, the proper pronounciation of the name is Bō - well. The "O" should be a long sound while the "E" is short. It should be spoken with two distinct syllables.

Some more well know members of the Bowell family include Astronomer Edward Bowell and former prime minister of Canada, Sir Mackenzie Bowell (shown in the photo above).

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